Chinese astrology animal sign descriptions


The Rat contrary to the way we feel out this particular rodent in the West. The Chinese have a great respect for the rat in relationship to the year ..The rat is deemed to have wisdom and to be a great advisor of others. Rats can be charm personified being able to fit into most situations without turning a hair. Adaptable and creative full of flair and inventiveness the rat is able to start things at the drop of a hat. However maintaining the projects is a little harder for the rat as the rats inability to deal well with financial matters scrimping and saving one moment spending lavishly the next no thought of potential hard times ahead . Opportunists crafty the rat can be accused of using people at times.

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Bright and gregarious the rat’s intellectual versatility eventually comes to the fore great with the abstract ideas and numerical tasks and problems they are great planners especially where complex calculations are involved. Although this is usually for others rather than themselves.

The OX

The ox is steady and methodical very much down to earth and practical …although not suiting all other animals this reliability and good sense is held in high regard by some . Conforming is sometimes the downfall of the ox as it stifles a strong inventive nature . The ox is not without imagination and creative energy. Being too conservative can slow down or stop the rise to higher positions within organizations .

Suspicion of untried or proven ideas will hold the ox back unless influenced by a more adventurous influence i.e. born I an metal year for example .

The ox because of its reliability can be sometimes accused of being unromantic this is because the ox chooses to place its affect on a select few where also the ox can then be loyal and possessive.

The ox shoulders responsibility well but to climb to the top needs a sense of adventure to release the creative energy that will take them there Add that to the immense amount the ox can achieve through routine and perseverance no one can match the ox.


The Tiger represents the embodiment of animal magnetism a great leader competitive has fighting in its blood. Is seldom influence by others and rarely has its authority questioned. Is success in leadership is aided by its ability to stimulate other. Either through conversation or the application of surprise novel ideas. Even the awesome physical presence can overcome resistance .

Conversely the tiger can also be warm tender sincere and passionate in love . Restraint in the face of judgement of others is not a characteristic the tiger has moving forward in its own passion .

Their competitive streak makes them excellent in business their aggression usually gaining rewards over diplomacy. They should take a care against making too many enemies along the way.


The hare loves and needs company established circles of friends and organizations are essential to the hare. This creates for the hare the feeling of security. When not in this situation they feelinsecure reserves and even withdrawn.

Even within the group situation the hare retains a level of independence and though not extrovert his presence is noticed on the periphery of things. Therefore an aloofness can be retained by the hare.

The typical hare can be submissive even humble in an effort to avoid confrontation. At his happiest with friends a bit of a gossip this great conversationalist with an interest in the literary field may give the impression of being to meek but can be brave when faced with danger .

The hare is usually an excellent judge of character able to recognise sincerity and conversely falsehood . In personal relationships this ability is magnified . Quite often hares can be gifted healers of both the emotional and physical.


A lover of the unusual and exotic the dragon is very flamboyant and extrovert. Elegant a trend setter always involved in the fore of the fashion scene and always ready to change styles at the drop of a hat.

A boundless imagination the dragon is forever dreaming up new schemes and ideas for new projects or ventures . This in itself can be frustrating to friends even causing chaos at times often leaving other to pick up the pieces of half completed projects . The dragon could become wealthy if it were able to choose with more wisdom the right projects and not waste equally as much as gained on the losses.

The dragon indicates an interest in the occult the supernatural and generally anything mysterious . Dragons also are surrounded with an aura of good luck however this is lost at the approach of a hare.

The dragon basks in being adored and tend to seek out the limelight.


Astrologically similar to the dragon, the snake is the more grounded to the two (yin) the dragon being very yang in nature. A lover of the exotic as the dragon is the snake is however more subdued and refined . suggesting indicating rather than extrovert and demanding in taste and style the snake loves more subdued aspects like style and elegance of line…rather than in your face boldness.

Generally successful the snake makes its way to the top by using the energy of others ..seemingly not at all pushy in their nature. They always seem to be in the right place at the right time with the right people .

The subtle impression of great knowledge of a subject and that they are not about to divulge that knowledge easily yet they do not stray into telling lies, They however are adept at double dealing especially when it suits there needs . The love scandal and even go as far as creating it vicariously enjoying the effects it creates and the behaviour of those involved .

analytical sensual academic some of the keywords for the snake


The years of the horse have been long associated with the breeding of tyrants however thankfully not everyone born in the horse years turn out to be genghis or attila …but those born in those years can be a powerful force to reckon with .

Male or female the horse feel more comfortable in the company of their own kind, often wary of the opposite sex can fall into the trap of worshiping them finding it difficult to relate to them.

Athletic sporty and sociable ..clubs were invented for them they are competitive although in the sporting arena the horse prefers team events. This is due to the importance that the horse places on position within the social circle it stands in needing success and to belong .

Horse types are good talkers never short of something to say although not too creative with ideas. Always open to the opinions and ideas of other deep rooted conflicts to those ideas are hard to move.


The most feminine of the signs the sheep is associated with care love trust and selflessness. Its positive side is best observed in its artistic ability …not so much in creative areas more as a craftsman .Sometimes too fastidious the sheep can block its creative abilities not allowing them to rise to the surface.

Calm complacent avoiding confrontation the sheep would not make much progress in life were it not for its personable and ingratiating qualities . The diplomat the sheep often succeeds where aggression fails .

Not being a natural leader the sheep prefers to follow along in the company of others and being given direction democracy is to the sheeps liking .

Motivation and guidance are keywords


Possessing an inventive and agile mind couples with insatiable curiosity …makes this person a quick witted schemer. Adept at manoeuvering around awkward situations .

never at a loss for words or ideas, the monkey at times can be left wanting for scruples though.

Although seemingly popular the monkey will find it difficult to be taken seriously and this the monkey finds frustrating .

The dislike of not being taken seriously can result in pent up anger resentment which has a depressive effect on the monkey. Once the monkey learns to deal with others on their level the longed for respect and kudos will follow.

The older and wiser monkeys learn to channel their energy and imaginations into the solving of complex problems

Keyword charm energetic successful


Even though the rooster is a male bird this sign is yin or female the counterpart of the monkey. Its qualities apply to either sex determonation,,pride..confidence.

The rooster can be abrasive, aggressive often alienating people who interpret frankness as rudeness . The qualities of the rooster are essential for one who pursues as the rooster does relentlessly, Shrewd the rooster will seemingly make extravagant gestures in reality the will be hidden motivation behind it not easily seen by the casual observer .

The rooster is bright alert and fastidious attention to detail …too many projects at one time can cause problems with some being lost in the sheer volume of work and apply this to personal relationships to where the quieter friends may end up being ignored or forgotten.

Keywords are stamina vitality and perfectionist.


Common and strong traits among dog characters are fidelity honesty and humour . such likeable people make friends easily and these are usually long lasting friends. A steady worker the dog soon becomes a trusted and valued member of any workforce.

Overly conservative the dog fights change to the point of hardship rather than make major changes . When these changes happen it takes a long period for the dog to adjust to the new changes clinging on to the old ways matter how good the new ones are.

Fiercly defensive where friends and family are the dog will not stand by to see them hurt or maligned. Sometime this makes the dog blind to warnings about the behaviour of children and loved ones bringing about domestic disharmony. Possessing a sympathetic ear and a good shoulder the dog ids a good listener to other peoples troubles . Displays of violent anger which are rare are usually justified but wrongs are soon forgotten.



The pig sign represents the conclusion the completion of tasks etc. Therefore what id important to a pig person is the end results the benefits.

A much more pleasant creature than the western use of the word would indicate. Homelovers whose main concern is the family . They are not showy people and shun pretentiousness just enjoying good honest fun company. Caring industrious the pig is far from lazy being gifted often in the crafts.

In business the pigs are the finishers often being the ones to put the final touches to a project and in this they may well become extremely successful and wealthy, However on the debit side they well be a little too trusting and naive falling prey to less scrupulous people.

The caring side of the pig is always evident and in helping people it comes to the fore///the pig will always be known as the good neighbour.