Predictions for Chinese Horoscope 2017 : Year of the Rooster

In the new Chinese year, it will begin on January 28, 2017, when the year 4714 will be celebrated, which corresponds to the Rooster of Fire which represents a new dawn and awakening, and will be marked by success and success as a result of work Hard and patience, in this new period nothing comes by chance or luck.

According to ancient Chinese astrology, 2017 is subject to the element Fire in its form of Yin, which expresses the warmth and inner vision, the sweetness of love and family relationships. During this year some thoughts that had been buried in oblivion, in the middle of scenes somewhat puzzling and confused, will surface.

Considering that it will be the Year of the Rooster it is necessary to remember that among the general characteristics that this sign marks in those who are born in its period they emphasize the fact that they are witty, brave, generous, tireless workers, loyal, curious, romantic but lovers of Luxury and quite proud; From this we will review part of what the Chinese horoscope predicts for this next 2017.

As mentioned above, the new Chinese year begins on January 28, 2017 which turns out to be the second new moon after the solstice and culminates next February 15, 2018 that will have as regent the Rooster and the element will be the burning Fire. It is known that the years governed by this sign are times of total righteousness and justice. During the Gallo years it is recommended to be alert to sudden changes and the possibility of recovering those projects or investments that were believed to be lost; Since during these years the five Chinese elements receive the diversity of energy necessary to make them flow.
Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

Due to the distribution of energy in the five elements throughout the coming year, it is recommended to start or resume their projects during the fall, in the northern hemisphere between the months of September and December, while in the southern hemisphere it turns out to be between March and June; Or at the end of each season of the year to ensure a better result in these, because in the closures of each season of the year the element Earth is predominant which gives greater stabilization to your actions.

This 2017 in the Chinese horoscope is established as a period that will come with situations a little complicated and difficult to solve because the combination of the element Fire with Metal that prevails in the Rooster will intensify the tensions that are not optimal for the changes. Here are some Chinese predictions for 2017 in specific areas:
Chinese Predictions 2017 for love

According to the foreshadowing of the Chinese Horoscope 2017, this new year is perfect to start a relationship, in fact despite the tensions and imbalances that will prevail throughout these 12 months, will be an excellent time to get married. It must be taken into account that being a year with the Fire as an element, the red color that represents it and in Chinese culture is the color of the traditional wedding dress, it would be irreverent to include it in your wedding plans because for this Culture white represents mourning.

In contrast to these good omens, you have that some couples with several years of relationship could be on the verge of its culmination but not for failures between both but by changes of residence or country of one of them.

Starting from the need to seek the balance of energies and improve the benefits of karma for everyone, for this new year it is recommended to wear clothing and jewelry that respect the composition and colors that represent you as a person, remember nothing of changes Brusque, not even in your way of dressing. He must be careful to use much red or similar in his clothing, since it will revive the element Fire that will predominate in this year that collides with the Metal of the sign regent (Rooster).

Similarly, you should maintain the same principles of balance to decorate your home, office or any people space; It is advisable to use terracotta colors and gold objects which resemble the shades related to the Earth element.
What comes in politics and entertainment

As has been mentioned repeatedly, the union of the Fire elements with the Rooster’s Metal during 2017 will create great tensions, this will create an electric atmosphere that will intensify the actions of the leaders of several nations and in the economies that will generate even more Deterioration in the political climate. Further migration is thought to be caused by strong wars and climate change.

It is predicted that some governments will take a tough line of mandate, there will be a lot of authoritarianism and there will be many threats of various kinds that could be the cause of more clashes between nations.

Great technological inventions are expected, for this 2017 Japan could complete its project focused on a platform of transmission of videos in third dimension which will revive the euphoria of these generations, as well as a strong growth and avalanche of new celebrities is expected that will cause fury In the world of entertainment and music.
2017 General Predictions of Employment and Investments

The years of the Rooster are always marked by success for those who have taken patience and hard work on their projects or investments, this year they will be able to see the fruits of everything they have dedicated for their businesses to flow.

It is necessary to emphasize that not all the signs will run with the same success, reason why those who are thinking about change of employment are advised that they wait a little more, since not all the Chinese signs will have the same disposition and force to cope those movements .
General precepts for the zodiac

In theory 2017 will be the best for those born under the rule of the Dragon, but also great for the Rooster, Ox and Serpent who with their patience, intelligence and methodology will be able to face almost everything that comes for these twelve months.

For the Tiger and the Rat it will be a good year; For Pigs, Goats and Monkeys will be an average or relative year depending on their actions; For the Dog, Rabbit and Horse will be really complicated.